A new, eco-friendly way to help your lawn and garden

A new, eco-friendly way to help your lawn and garden

Interested in learning more about Compost? Sunnyridge Farm, LLC offers compost for purchase to help your lawn and garden flourish

Have you ever considered starting a Compost? Not sure where to begin? Let Sunnyridge Farm, LLC go over the basics of composting for you. You just might consider purchasing compost to help the environment!

New to compost and not sure what it is exactly? Basically, compost is made with materials such as shredded twigs, kitchen scraps, and leaves. Simply put, compost is decayed organic matter that, once mixed together in a compost pile, begins to break down naturally into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that helps gardens grow.

At Sunnyridge Farm, LLC, our process for compost is comprised of horse manure that has been broken down over the years into soil. We also add lime to the compost which helps bring the PH back to it.

Composting helps eliminate the volume on trash usage and aids in promoting healthy alternatives to chemical fertilizers.

Interested in purchasing compost from Sunnyridge Farm, LLC? We sell our compost at a competitive price of $30 a yard, plus delivery.
Give us a call today at 608-617-7301 and we will be happy to assist you in the purchasing process. We accept all card payments over the phone.